Interestingness in the local news vol 3

some old gross dude is exposing himself to kids at walmart [ynn]

mattyb is giving away a trip to oktoberfest in munich, dear god i hope i win [wolffs]

mazzone is doing resturant week: [tu]

an rpi student gets $30k (like $15 after taxes) for innovating ways to detect dangerous materials. sick. [therecord]

amtrak ridership up for 16th month in a row. who would have thought good public transit would be used? not anyone in any other city, that’s for sure. [tu]

the guy who sexually assaulted a girl on lark st was arrested, and has previously served time, twice, for the same crime. [tu]

homeboy was arrested mid-braiding session after stabbing someone with scissors [tu]

charges in excess of $175k for wedding photographer fuckup robert mannix from “wedding combo” [therecord]

saratoga springs high school dance resulted in two being hospitalized for drinking and twenty-one others getting in trouble for drinking. haha! [saratogian]

cops and other clueless and misguided angry people are digging for details about the epic underaged rave/drinking party which alexander grant was at (and was told by police to leave) before he drowned. [saratogian/saratogian]

not so local:

subway has more stores than mcdonalds [tu]

tsunami travel and energy maps showing travel times and alert levels [motherjones]

tera meyers, lost her teaching job becuase she was pornstar over twenty years ago. she’s gotta be wrinkly by now, no? [tu]

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