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OUTPOST1 Interview: Knomad

OUTPOST1 is a mere two days away! Just because KAB is turning 1 doesn’t mean I’m going to slack on my interview duties! Beginning with Ghosts On Tape way back in April, I’ve been conducting interviews with our guest DJs and it’s been fun as hell. This month, joining residents Deep Children and Party With Tina, is Knomad. We’ve been chatting about music for a couple months now and I’m excited to hear him play out on Friday. Be sure to cop this week’s Music Monday as well and help us celebrate. Knomad will be joining us at WCDB during our slot 6-8 for your first taste of the beats of OUTPOST1.

In the game since: 2006

How did you first get starting DJing? Bought an MPC years ago and have dabbled in production but mostly for fun. Only now has the lifestyle started to present some time for more experimentation. Came into DJing due to an appreciation for the art form. It’s all about expression and being able to share the music that moves you and inspires you with a larger audience.

Peep the rest of the interview beneath the cut!

How has working as a sound engineer in your professional career influenced your DJing? Working with not only a wide variety of DJs (in style and genre) but a wealth of musicians and entertainers has shown me a multitude of ways to engage and entertain an audience. If people are out on a Friday night, or even a Monday, it means they want to be engaged, to make a connection.

As a DJ, its your job to make this connection with those on your dance floor… and when doing sound, in between focusing on the mix, you observe everything that makes up good and bad events alike. The hope is I’m learning from these observations as I move forward presenting my own events (9/29 Ital Tek, Dave Q, & myself; NYC, FREE)

The first piece of music you ever bought? The most recent? Either a Kriss Kross or Ren & Stimpy Cassette. Maybe MC Hammer. Most recent purchase would be the new Sully LP or Walton EP digitally. Theo Parrish “Just 1 Luv Bug” on wax.

What do you do when you’re not DJing or working events? Riding my bike, cooking, searching for new music, being with good people.

Best part about DJing? Getting to hear what I want to hear in the club. Then watching how other people react to it.

Who are your favorite producers/tracks right now? The Swamp81 catalog. Boddika has been killing it for months and we’re still waiting for “Acid Jackson” down in the trenches. I’ve also been appreciating the limited catalog of both MA1 and Mosca (maybe since they’re both about to expand).

What’s the best way to combat boredom in Albany? Know people.

What’s your favorite type of taco? Clam.

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