Stream Phantogram’s Nightlife EP

Even though Phantogram hates being from Upstate NY and never plays here except at shows at RPI where you have to be a student to attend (sorry not worth $55,000 to see you guys play some mp3s irl); I still like their product. For cred, I even liked them when they were called Charlie Everywhere and played at relevant local venues such as Valentines.

Wired of all places (jesus christ do you guys have a private jet yet?) has their EP to stream, which I’ve embedded below so for your listening enjoyment.

“Nightlife” by Phantogram by The Underwire

Sarah, can I bring you on a date? I love your haircut. Are you too VIP for a “local photographer/blogger” like me now that you hang with relevant mainstream photographers from Brooklyn such as Noah Kalina? Can I take pix of you two recording in your cabin in the woods (Will Justin Vernon be there too?) maybe?

I’ll just keep pretending you’re singing these songs to me. Only.

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