Scotty’s Music Monday: Outpost Relay

Yo its Mycon. I got more mixtapes to keep your soul relevant to the cosmos.

First up is my friend Cunei4m from down south, and I can’t recommend this one enough. Dark electro for the warehouse is hitting hard right now, and this mix runs the road from early Detroit (if you don’t know Clear by Cybotron you may as well be a caveman) to Untold & Jam City.
Say What?!… by Cunei4m

Next up is the triumphant return of Spankro’ and Blu Jemz as MOBRODER (seen above), exploring universal themes of tragedy and humor in the musical form of Italo Disco. If you don’t get the reference, maybe you’ll find it in the wikipedia entry for Italo Disco. Anyone who remembers life before dubstep should be familiar with the almighty Spankrock, and having him back in the game is a good omen for the state of planet Earth. Amanda Blank makes an appearance too, happy days for sure!!
MOBRODER PREVIEW – download full version at by Mobroder

BONUS LEVEL: Chrissy Murderbot’s XLR8R Podcast – it starts out with some tasty rave feelings, but the second half is just transcendent. This dude can make anyone ‘get’ Footwork. Plus, this is coming from the dude who released a mixtape once a week for a whole year, so you know its gotta be good.

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