Scotty’s Music Monday: Lil Silva, Looney, Murder Mark

Late last year Zecheriah Sitchin died of old age..for those not in the know, he was a super-genius scholar and author who founded what most people know as the ‘ancient astronaut’ theory, which is that ETs modified our DNA to get us to mine gold for them…long time C2C listener here

Anyway whether or not any of that is true I vibe out hard to music that has that same future-forward disregard for conventional thought and wisdom.   I’m saying GRAVITY DISPLACEMENT rhythms powered by ELEMENT 115.  Maybe it’s because I don’t do drugs, or more specifically that my ADD continues to go untreated.

So check out this Lil Silva mixtape that came in December a bit after Sitchin passed…getting old now but more than a few still-unreleased joints on it.  Silva helped take UK Funky in a direction that brings in the grime and low-end futurism, but his mixes always add in bashment and dancehall Roots vibes.  It’s like a musical representation of the Ancient Astronaut theory, getting that Familiar/Other hybrid in, bugged out alien beats with some dope MC’s and not-corny tribal percussion.  Exactly what I try to do when I’m mixing.

So check out this Lil Silva mixtape for Bridging the Gap:
or download

Wiley – Roaming
Seiji -Weed Killer
Donae’o – Oi Mate
Marcus Nasty – Untitled
Macabre Unit – Tensor Jam
Seiji – Timber
Chase & Status Ft Tempa T – Next Hype
Gyptian – Hold Yu – (Funkystepz remix)
Lil Silva – Cheese & Bun
Redlight ft Ms Dynamite – What You Talking About
Lil Silva – Untitled
Mc Creed – We Doin it Again
Lil Silva – Seasons
Breach – Fatherless
Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl (Perempay & Dee remix)
Macabre Unit – Dem Na Ready Yet
Ms Brat – Selecta (Redlight remix)

Also gotta share some stuff a little closer to home.  First off is Looney, whom I DJ with, has a new track called “Cool Jenkem Dealer”.  Wut!  It is proper Looney fashion = the percussion is powerful enough to stand on its own without the music.

Cool Jenkem Dealer by looney

Second, I gotta shout out Murder Mark from Bmore for giving me a taste of some his new tracks to play out for the people.  If you didn’t see my first post on here about Bmore Club check that out – he’s keeping that sound developing and moving, YES!  Be sure to check out his blog and ‘Get Busy’ below, still my favorite Murder Mark track..it stands up with the best of Bmore.

Get Busy 2010 by AyoMurderMark1

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