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Review: The Addams Family at Proctor’s Theatre

If you’ve been following the chronicles of KAB over the past year or so, then you’ll notice this advice to be a bit redundant but still timelessly important to keep in the back of your mind: The key to keeping things fun in your city is to experience what is going on in your city. GO OUT AND DO THINGS.

My most recent example of that mantra was earlier this week. I caught the live performance of the Addams Family Musical at Proctor’s in Schenectady on its opening night.

Part of an Addams Family theme window display

Prior to the performance, I looked up how long the runtime is being full aware that musicals aren’t really ‘my thing’. Once seated in the soft velveteen seats and the curtain pulled opened with the help of the infamous Thing, I was sucked in. Didn’t look at my cell phone for the entire first act and that can be verified by my guest if you insist.

The Addams Family was casted flawlessly in my opinion. Every actor and actress became their character in a way that I just truly appreciated, especially as a fan of the Addams Family clan and story line. The characters, the costumes, the special effects, the sets, everything had that essence and allure of the classic Addams Family. But it managed to be fresh and exciting as well.

The story line of the Addams Family in the musical edition was a bit in the corny, happy-go-lucky vein but it was executed so well that the story line very well could have been about anything and I’d have enjoyed it. The singing wasn’t too excessive; it was balanced and tolerable for those not really “into” musicals, like myself. OH AND THE WHOLE PLAY WAS HILARIOUS. When you can tell that the people acting are having fun, it makes it that much more fun for the audience. Same thing with any performance, really.

The prop work, stagecraft, puppetry and sound effects were absolutely on point and breathtaking. The script was written well and executed even better live. It was one of those plays that was so good that it was easy to forget you were at a play, in my opinion. Like I said, I was sucked in. It was also pretty cool to see Proctor’s absolutely stuffed to the brim with people and to see people excited about being in Schenectady, aside from Gosling hunting or what have you. The Addams Family brought an abnormal night to a normal theatre atmosphere. It felt like everyone was giddy. Which rules.

The Times Union has the backstory on how this event came to Proctor’s. You can also check out other reviews here and here.

For more info on tickets, check out Proctor’s site. The performance only has a couple nights left before it hits the road so don’t sleep!

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