Rampant Consumerism or How I got my iPhone 4S

So obviously everyone knows the coolest phone so far in the entire universe came out today, and everyone is freaking scrambling to give their money to Apple, who already has more money than the entire National Football League, times ten. Since I’m a famous blogger I am required to have this item (can you believe I can write this off?) because if I don’t, my blog(s) and maybe even I might be grouped in with those who use slow, outdated, not relevant at all totally last-gen cell phones. Maybe even people who use Dell computers outside of work.

This photo shows all the Apple people doing a meeting which apparently was to tell them to clap for way too long as soon as they opened the gate. To no ones surprise this was really awkward and made me cringe and look away and feel totally embarrassed.

Also inside this store I met the real life Matt Baumgartner, but I was so star struck I forgot to get a picture. He even complimented this website! Imagine that, KAB is relevant! It would have been a culmination of all the local celebs if AOA (and maybe the creative geniuses behind Albany Weather Online) was there as well.

This is how long the line was.

Apple really provides the VIP line sitting experience with beverages to keep the eager future iPhone owners at ease, this also doubles as a way for these people to maybe even approach one another and possibly have a conversation! (Cue the “We met in line at the Apple Store” wedding vows)

So instead of waiting on this huge line, I just walked over to Sprint which had 7 people in line and 10 employees, so I figured my chances we’re pretty good at scoring one of these modern day Tickle-me-Elmos.

Zach, activating my iPhone!

I did it you guys!
Procured the latest technology on launch day!

What are some relevant apps to download?
Can you believe a real life girl chose to accompany me on this journey?
Why doesn’t this thing have Google Maps Navigation like my Evo?

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