Black Friday: If you’re gonna do it, do it local

My friend has brought up conversationally several times about how he’s excited for Black Friday. For the sole purpose of people-watching (specifically outside of Best Buy and Old Navy). Sure, it’s probably fun. Maybe you’ll save a lot of money, maybe you actually won’t. Maybe people will fight over the last flatscreen TV on the shelf or whatever. Maybe they won’t.

Either way, Black Friday isn’t something I’ve ever personally advocated or been non-repulsed by. Standing outside of a corporate business in the cold, with flocks of other people doing the same, anticipating the store’s doors to majestically open, revealing a florescent glow illuminating one-day-only sale signs has never once appealed to me. Whatever, though. YOLO. You do you.

Anyway, the point of this post is: If you’re gonna do Black Friday, you should do try to do it locally.

Given that it’s one of the most popular shopping days in America, people WILL be out there shopping. You can’t try to stop it, but you can do your part by either participating by not participating (ex: Adbuster’s annual Buy Nothing Day campaign), or you can support businesses locally.

Hit the jump for a list of local shops that have some sales running and give your money to local businesses that hustle hard all damn year long.

Obvious disclaimer: this is only a small list I compiled that is inevitably incomplete. If your favorite local spot is doing a sale, please share the info in the comments.

Additionally, if you run a local business and you haven’t maintained your website or Facebook, then don’t whine about your exclusion in this post.

Seasons Skate Shop

Located at 211 Lark Street, Albany

– 25% off in the store (except boards and sale items)
– Shop completes – $60 at 6am, $70 at 7am, $80 rest of the day
– Will also be doing Cyber Monday at their online store
KAB RecommendationPig Food Records collab with Seasons available in the shop and online.

Some Girls Boutique

Located at 225 River Street, Troy

– The boutique will be running a series of in-store sales. With the gorgeous new location and store, your best bet is physically going to the store and browsing for yourself. Racks and racks of dope clothing. Especially go check it out if you haven’t before.

– Tonight (Wednesday), the Troy location is hosting Bunny Go Glam Night, which will feature free makeovers with store purchases with professional make-up by Jennifer McCarthy from True Grace Cosmetics and professional hair styling from Jill Johnson from Austins School of Spa Technology. Stop by the store to scope the sales in advance of Friday too!

Tree Shurts Wake And Celebake Sale

– Starting at 4:20am, Tree Shurts and Some Girls Get High will be featuring exclusive sales, such as reduced prices and also buy 1 get 1 free or half-off on certain items at certain times. Watch their space online for more announcements and information.

Forgotten Freshness Classic Gaming

Located at 377 Hudson Ave, Mechanicville

– All games buy 2 get 1 free
– Strategy guides buy 1 get 1 free
– Other in-store specials as well

The Albany Distilling Company

Located at 78 Montgomery Street, Albany (Adjacent to the Pump Station)

– The Distillery just got flasks in, and they also have dope glasses and other merch, as well as, their actual product, Coal Yard New Make Whiskey. Which is amazing, if you haven’t tried it yet.
– Open on Friday and Saturday from noon-8pm.

The Center for Natural Wellness and Massage

Located at 3 Cerone Commercial Drive, Albany

– Special $30 1-hour massage gift certificates 8am-12noon in store only

Broadway Bicycle Co.

Located at 1205 Broadway, Albany

– 15% entire store
– Free tube with any purchase
– All clothing 30% off

Small Business Saturday

Searching the Internet for more info on this one wasn’t as easy as I’d have hoped, but there is a somewhat helpful press release that lists all of the local businesses participating in Schenectady for the 3rd annual Small Biz Saturday, sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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