EMPAC: Exit & HeadSwap

On January 25th, EMAPAC is hosting EXIT, a free dance event in which Belgian artist Kris Verdonck and choreographer Alix Eynaudi try to get you to fall asleep during the performance. Pillows are even provided.

You can read a bit more about exit at EMPAC’s website, and a bit more at Berkshire On Stage. It’s free, but reservations are required. This is my kind of event seeing as I almost always fall asleep during movies, both at home and in theaters. Plus seeing people actually preform things is much more exciting and engaging than a two-dimensional movie.

The next day on January 26th, EMPAC is hosting HeadSwap, an event in which a Beldian-based team of artists will present the results of their three-week residency.

HeadSwap takes the next step in immersive performance. Participants can navigate and choose their individual point of view within omni-directional footage from Japan and New York City, while “swapping their heads and simultaneously seeing what another person chooses to see.

This too is really awesome looking and the rigging they’ve got going in their preview photos is more than enough to catch mine and many other peoples interest. I can’t wait to see what they will have for us. This event is also free, and you can read more on EMPAC’s website. See you there.

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