Music Monday: Knomad edition

Here’s a dose of some past, present and future action courtesy of your elusive friend Knomad.

First up, a dose of the past to educate you on the future. OUTPOST1 headliner Dave Q has been a busy man this month in NYC, repping the sounds of juke, reggae, dubstep and beyond. Most notably was a one night return to stage for Dubwar. Understanding the “not to miss” factor here, I was in attendance. If you weren’t, luckily Percussion Lab was on the scene recording and streaming, and we all get to thank them for this little gem:

Next up is the present. Hot off the wire today, we’ve got a free EP from Mosca in honor of his 5000th twitter follower. On a bit of a different tip for him, but it’s free so support the producers giving it up for nothing. Download here.

Finally, a little teaser for the future. One of my favorite DJs hands down is a man they call MA1. While his production catalog is limited, everything that the man releases is clean, glossy and produced to keep your ass moving during that peak time. I’ve been waiting on this EP for ages (release date is 10/18), and to wet my pallette more, Deep Teknologi Records dropped these teasers on Soundcloud around 2 months ago. Bonus: DJ MA1 is on RinseFM Saturdays 2-4PM EST (3-5PM once daylight savings hits us).

MA1 – Elektron by Deep Teknologi Records

You can check out the other 3 tracks on his soundcloud here.

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