Interestingness in the local news vol 5

another bro arrested for rioting [ynn]

fucillo sells a lot of cars, kia notices [tu]

a local company is making “healthy soda” [tu]

saragota gets $2m of state money to install gambling crap for yuppies [saratogian]

james miller pleads not guilty to dwi. apparently refusing the breathalyzer is the way to go. take it from a drunk cop! [saratogian]
also, here’s the story to james miller getting arrested (lol) [tu]

another semiconductor company is moving to alb [record]

whiney students are bitching about fountain day [ynn]

a dick from schenectady arrested with suspected animal cruelty, has previous charges [ynn]

nyc found 14 busses to take off the road because of that horrific accident downstate [ynn]

the dude who set my favorite building, the freezer building (central warehouse) on fire plead guilty [ynn]

a dude fell from a 2nd story porch into a dumpster [ynn]

a dude got stuck in the vent of the pizza shop he was trying to rob (hilarious mugshot) [tu]

there was a pickup in the hudson, in troy [ynn]

kapl donates ambulance to ballston spa fire dept (gj john&sean!) [saratogian]

not local

tiger woods new hot girlfriend (google her) arrested for dwi [tu]

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