Interestingness in the local news vol 29

driver with four kids in the car arrested for dwi [tu]

you’ll be put to work at spac if caught with that super illegal alcohol stuff [tr]

tour bus crashes, 2 killed 35 hurt [ynn]

pearl st bar owners create campaign to “change the image” of pearl st in lieu of actually changing it [wnyt]

kids hurt themselves after throwing a water balloon at a car, then smashing head-on into a telephone pole [tr]

woman got slashed up with a box cutter for four quarters [tr]

saratoga asks bars to obey laws rather than simply enforcing them [tr]

a horse got hit by a tractor trailer, dies [st]

enormous cracks found in the beams that hold up the highway [tr]

taking crazy cat lady to the next level: two plead guilty after police find 80 cats in two cars [tr]

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