Interestingness in the local news vol 2

after people are discovering that north albany is ‘cool’, chris churchill asks a bunch of old white people if they’d live in albany, infuriating answers insue [tu]
ps i lived in north albany before mcgearys was cool. twssss.

a company from manhattan is deciding what’s best for troys riverfront park [tu]

new diet craze: 500kcal/day and preggo hormones [nyt]
ps i lost weight from eating less and riding my bike more

not so local:
idatarod started and is now high techer than ever [engadget]

you can rent movies on facebook, why? [iclarified]

footage from the 4 horsemen alleycat in nyc

completely unrelated time waster: this ragdoll bike game rules [canvasrider]

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