FRIENDS & FAMILY: Tomorrow Night at Red Square

Tomorrow, June 15th at Red Square: artgeekstudio presents: “Friends & Family”, The Dead Presidents Lounge & 518 Prints party! Featuring Planet Eater, DJ OFI, Existing Artists, (Jason Cosco) VJ 1983, Midas and Rawhead & more. With very special guest, EDISON!

Here’s the official facebook event.

Word up! Here’s the backstory from my pal Bob!

Here’s the back story: I have known Edison’s brother Ryan for many years, he’s one of the original guys from the Shelter Skatepark. He moved out to San Francisco (where Edison lives) and rarely makes it back to Albany. Edison has been killing it for years out west, and hasn’t played his home town. At the same time, Jesse, the owner of 518 Prints, has an annual work party at their shop each summer. Jesse & Dustin (from the Dead Presidents Lounge & singer for Planet Eater) are childhood friends of both Ryan & Edison. When we found out that Ryan & Edison were coming home for Edison’s wedding…well, we combined everything!

If you’re unfamiliar with Edison, don’t tell anyone and watch that video, quick!

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