Oh my god! Today is going to be almost ONE HUNDRED DEGREES OUT! EWWW! I bet everyone around is going to be chafing their sweaty thighs! Luckily I’m going to skip work and go RAFTING! with my GROUPON!!!

Everybody in New York loves to complain about the weather whether it be cold, hot, rain or wind. I think I’ve only ever seen one day when people haven’t had something to complain about. Today is not one of those days!


How are you going to beat the heat?
Are you going to chill with cool bros?
Are you going to eat some coldstone?
Would you ever cut in line to be served first at the ice cream truck?
Do any of you actually not have central air still?
If UA builds their new stadium will it have AC?
Will you go to Xgates to soak up the AC and maybe stop at Starbs for a coolatta?

Let me know how you plan on staying cool today!

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