Assist with a documentary about male genitalia

Normally, due to my vanilla e-mail settings, an e-mail looking for help with researching the male reproductive organs would end up immediately in my spam folder. But interestingly enough, this e-mail caught my attention. This legitimate research opportunity was sent from a friend of mine and is verifiably not spam. Below see his request for an internship opportunity assisting with a documentary about dicks.

Copy pasta:

I’m looking for an intern to perform research for a documentary I’m working on. The documentary is about cultural and personal fixations on penis size and performance. Research will be on a wide range of topics- from the roots of these fixations (porn, religion, etc.) to the ways it affects people (sex, relationships, self worth, penis enhancement devices/supplements). I have the full range of initial research topics ready so intern won’t need to brainstorm right away. 

I need someone to find news articles, video clips, medical/academic reports and potential interview subjects for the movie. Right now I’m looking for someone who can work 5 hours a week and who can meet up in Albany for a 15-30 minute face-to-face meeting once every week or two. Internship is unpaid but I’m happy to talk with local colleges about getting a student some credit for the work. I have a business/tax ID and all that so getting credit is feasible. Either way, it’s just doing research on dicks so it’ll be way more fun than whatever other internships are out there right now.

If interested, send along your inquiries/resumes/CVs/whatever to thebigonemovie@gmail.com.

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