Sponsor: Festival Cinema Invisible

My thanks to Festival Cinema Invisible for sponsoring Keep Albany Boring this week. Their event runs this weekend, from Friday through Sunday, at Proctors.

Festival Cinema Invisible (FCI) is the only film festival in upstate New York that showcases films from Persian-speaking communities and beyond. FCI’s annual celebration brings together cinema enthusiasts and filmmakers to discover the best “invisible cinema from around the globe. This 5th edition of the FCI International Invisible Film Festival (FCI 2016) will bring 4 world premiers, 7 U.S. premiers and 16 regional premiers to the capital region. The 29 feature length documentaries, animated and short films were directed by women representing Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Syria, the United States and beyond. Women directed about half of the films in this year’s festival – which is significant because women are typically underrepresented in film. Additionally, the majority of filmmakers represented at this year’s Festival Cinema Invisible are under 40 years of age. They are new voices at the vanguard of millennial cinema.

If this is your (or someone you may know) type of thing , learn more on on the Festival Cinema Invisible website and grab your tickets to the festival soon.

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