Fort Orange General Store to close mid-June

The wonderful team (and friends of mine) behind the Fort Orange General Store posted to their blog that they will be closing the store mid-June.

It is a bittersweet moment today that we announce that as of mid-June, we are saying goodbye to our beloved neighborhood shop, Fort Orange General Store. Keep an eye out for an announcement of our last official day, yet to be determined. You can be assured that the decision to move on was not easy, and was not due to lack of community support. Quite the contrary, Fort Orange was a successful and warmly welcomed venture from the start. For that, we thank you all!

Be sure to give the short post a full read through, stop by soon, and if you know anyone who may be seriously interested in buying the store, have them get in touch.

My thanks to Katy, Caroline, and everyone else involved with FOGS for a great run of an incredible asset to my neighborhood, and the area as a whole.

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