Things to do tonight

It’s Thanksgiving eve. Time to try to make yourself feel like you didn’t totally waste your time by coming home a day early, or you’ll just totally reaffirm why you moved away. Or maybe you’re interested in just having a fun night with people you don’t see that much. Either way, here’s some things to do that aren’t just going to Suzie’s again.

Mitski, Palehound, Pwr Bttm at BSP Kingston: Indie/alt.

Serving Your Musical Needs with DJ Trumastr at Brown’s: Music, beer, and dancing.

Murphy’s Law, Bruise Bros, Murderers Row at Trickshots: Hardcore/punk show.

Manfred Kidd, Bear Grass, Linear North, Becoming a Ghost at Fuze: Pretty music.

ANTI-Thanksgiving Party at Pauly’s: Music to dance to. With Bell’s Roar, Brahja Waldman, and the Albany Frequencies DJ Crew.

Give Thanks To The 80’s at City Beer Hall: With DJ Rana Ransom.

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