KC’s Music Monday: Nobody Likes A Racist

Earlier this month, Nobody Likes A Racist debuted two tracks online via no record labels, no co-branding, no politics and “no reason not to – just two pals making music.”

With Dez on the mic and Trumastr providing the beats, this collaboration naturally came out awesome. I always appreciate when musicians are able to set aside their main projects and other endeavors to challenge their talents in new ways. It doesn’t happen enough.

The good news: this collaboration works well – and makes me want to hear more from the duo. Excuse my clear bias, but Dez and Trumastr have been two of several leaders in the local hip hop scene with mutual missions to consistently strive to set the quality bar high for local music, and it’s really refreshing for the two to team up to make music just for the fun of it.

“Rooting For Everybody” is my favorite of the pair, and discusses different elements of the hip hop scene in Albany with top notch lyricism and delivery. The beat is catchy, and fits the vocals well. “Morocco Portugal” compliments the project well, and is a nice contrast from “Rooting For Everybody.” Both are slam dunks in my book.

This Saturday, McGeary’s will host performances by Nobody Likes A Racist and Mic Lanny for the monthly EOM event – and also has been hijacked to double as my going away party. I will be relocating to Denver, Colorado at the beginning of March, but hope to continue contributing to KAB on occasion. Hope to see you there!


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