EMPAC announces fall schedule

EMPAC has just announced their schedule for Fall 2015.

The season includes:

Sep 2: Programming EMPAC: The First 4,158 Days (Book Launch)

Sep 2: On Screen/Sound: No. 1 (Tron)

Sep 9: On Screen/Sound: No.2 (Shorts)

Sep 10: Ant Hampton “The Extra People”

Sep 17: Flatform “dotQuantum”

Sep 23: On Screen/Sound: No. 3 (All Magic Sands [Chappaqua])

Sep 24: Tarek Atoui “WITHIN 2”

Sep 30: On Screen/Sound: No. 4 (L’inhumaine)

Oct 1: Jennifer West and Michael Ned Holte “In Conversation: Film Memory”

Oct 2: vhvl + Daedelus + Ikonika

Oct 8: Mark Fell “Recursive Frame Analysis”

Oct 9: Mark Fell “Recursive Frame Analysis”

Oct 15: France Jobin

Oct 22: Robert Hamilton “The Machine is the Message: How Technology Will Fundamentally Change Music”

Oct 28: On Screen/Sound: No. 5 (Mishima)

Oct 30: Elizabeth Orr “Mount Rushmore”

Nov 4: On Screen/Sound: No. 6 (Light Music)

Nov 5: Eternity and Megalomania: The Politics and Mechanics of Archiving (Johannes Goebel)

Nov 12: Tim Hecker

Nov 13: Silas Riener and Anne Carson “THINGING: Dance and Translation and the Work of Anne Carson”

Nov 18: On Screen/Sound: No. 7 (Blow Out)

Dec 2: On Screen/Sound: No. 8 (Gold Diggers of 1933)

Dec 3: Mary Halvorson + Colin Marston

Dec 11: Holly Herndon

I’m super excited for the vhvl/Daedelus/Ikonika show, as well as Tim Hecker. Try to make it to as many of these as you can. EMPAC is really fun and their programming is always on point.

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