Checking out Weird Beard Candle Co.

I was fumbling around on Instagram and noticed activity from a new candle company based in Troy. I love candles and to have a local candle maker is awesome.

After a few emails and a little coordination, I visited Weird Beard Candle Company. Weird Beard is a creative husband and wife team. Taking an idea and bringing it to fruition is a familiar activity for Mike and Crystal.

Crystal is behind the design, branding, photography and marketing. This is right in her wheelhouse as Crystal runs CAPow! Art and Design, her art and design company. There’s a bunch of really great prints in the CAPow Etsy Store.

Mike is the one behind the experimentation and creation of the candles themselves. Around their home was a bunch of test candles in mystery scents with code name labels. Mike goes through a bunch of test candles to make sure that it performs and smells great from start to finish. Once the candle’s formula is satisfactory, a batch is made, packaged and sent to the distributors, or straight to you.

Currently, Weird Beard offers five scents: Saturday Morning Cartoons; Saturday Morning Cartoons II; Apple Pie; Maple Bacon; and Chocolate Cream Pie. While these candles aren’t the most traditional scents, they smell great and are a fun departure from the normal ‘ocean breeze/chemical headache’ candles.

When I visited, there were six or so new candles in the works and I did a blind smell-test. The test is infuriating as it’s really hard to place a scent without being told what it is before you smell it. Once you’re clued in, it’s incredibly obvious and frustrating that you couldn’t place it on your own. With new candles in the works, I’m excited to see what will be released in the future.

I’ve had one of the Saturday Morning Cartoon candles burning in my apartment the last few days and I really dig the scent. There’s a warmness to it that is really pleasing.

You can check out Weird Beard’s website to learn more and check out what they offer. If you’d rather smell the candles in person before pulling the trigger, visit Annie Patterson’s Fancy Shop on Congress in Troy, as they’re the first local retailer to carry Weird Beard candles.

Thanks to Weird Beard for having me visit. If you see these candles in your travels, be sure to check them out. You can keep tabs on Weird Beard via their facebook and be the first to know what they’ve got in the works.

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