Bogie’s closing, final shows posted

From the Upstate Black N Blue Blog:

As of June 1st, bogie’s will no longer be hosting any shows. We will be closing the doors permanently. All shows from June 1st going forward will be at TRICKSHOTS, THE FUZEBOX, THE LOFT and THE CHANCE THEATER and occasionally at UPSTATE CONCERT HALL. Here is an updated listing for May on.

May 1st – Diabolic at Bogie’s
May 4th – Knucklepuck at Bogie’s
May 8th Aborted and Fit For An Autopsy at TRICKSHOTS
May 19th Gideon, Texas In July at Bogie’s
May 22nd Brick By Brick, The Primrose Path, Adhara, The Outnumbered, Concrete, From Within – final kegger!! $20 includes beer!
May 26th Starkill at TRICKSHOTS
May 31st Recon (reunion), Ghostship, Vice, Towers, and more! FINAL SHOW AT BOGIE’S

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