Albany’s Red Light Cameras

Nixle sent me an alert with info about Albany’s red light cameras that are on their way. They will begin rolling out Monday July 20. There’s a 10 day grace period at each of the intersections that have these cameras installed, and after that you’re getting hit for $50 a pop. There will be signage at each of these intersections to indicate the system is in use.

Albany Police say the goal for the system is to increase safety at these particular intersections which have high rates of accidents. Many people are skeptical of the benefits of the cameras, and a study in Chicago deemed that the cameras there “fail to deliver the dramatic safety benefits long claimed by City Hall”, as well as an audit in LA that “turned up little evidence that cameras influence driver behavior.” And let’s not forget about APD’s less than stellar history of blasting through red lights and killing students.

The map of the intersections of note is below, and you can check out the info from APD about the soon-to-be Albany red light cameras.

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