Windham World Cup: Recap and Photos

Yesterday, I checked out the Windham World Cup. I unfortunately could only make Sunday’s races, but it was still really awesome to check out a huge caliber cycling event so close by.

The first race I caught was the Elite Women’s XCO (cross country) race. I posted up in the woods in a fast little technical section and the first lap through I was in shock at how quickly, smoothly and effortlessly these women were taking the section. The same thing with the men. Everything seemed effortless and spectating was awesome. From where we had posted up on the mountain, you could see a good deal of the huge course and keep track of who was where in the standings. The weather was beautiful and there was really no better way to spend the Sunday.

If you have even the smallest interest in cycling you should try to spectate at a cross country or cyclocross race. There’s tons in the area and there’s typically food trucks, vendors and more.

You can watch the cross country and downhill races both from Red Bull.

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