Tonight: The 7 Person Chair Pyramid High Wire Act (A Play)


There is an awesome sounding show happening tonight at the Contemporary Artists Center in Troy. Self described as “a DIY hodge-podge of experimental theater, puppetry, adventure, dance, ingenious nomadic set design, and the history of science”, there’s a nil chance those in attendance won’t be entertained.

From the event page:

“In the wilds of Siberia, Charles Darwin goes off search of the Yeti. The Yeti (if she exists) enters a radio station’s dance contest, hoping to win an all-expenses-paid vacation to a place that doesn’t exist yet. Darwin’s research companion—a little brown bat—falls in love with the radio station’s electromagnetic emissions—but how could that ever end happily? Meanwhile, Siberia’s caves are home to a secretive tribe of ropemakers—but their disintegrating family structure may cause their ancient craft to be lost forever. Through the lens of the real life allegory of the Flying Wallendas’ famous high-wire act, two performers on a tiny stage unfold Darwin’s laboratory, unfurl anatomic diagrams of the yeti, and try to tease out the difference between miracles and non-miracles.”

The show kicks off tonight at 8, and is $7. Hit the event page for more details.

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