Video: Giant Gorilla Dog Thing and Iron Mic

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 12.52.52 PM

At exactly 12 noon today, the “Iron Giants” video made its grand debut on SYFFAL. For two weeks this past July, Giant Gorilla Dog Thing and Iron Mic (Iron Bar Collective + Mic Lanny) put up with me (and vice versa) and the footage for this video was captured on the road and during every pit stop of the tour. I grinned the entire time I watched this music video, and somehow after hearing the “Iron Giants” tour song performed a dozen plus times, I’m still not sick of it and I still don’t know all of the words – I’d be the worst rapper of all time, this I know.

The video came together perfectly and you should share it with everyone you know. Also feel free to invite me on tour with you and your band sometime or revisit some moments of the tour courtesy of my Iron Giants Plus One blog. Enjoy:

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