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The New Honest Weight Food Co-op: Photos

Earlier today I stopped by the new location of the Honest Weight Food Co-op. It’s huge, and you’ll be taken back as well the first time you go. There’s some really great touches that they’ve incorporated into the new store, such as farmer profiles above the produce, recycled barn tables in the cafe from Silver Fox, custom made produce stands and custom made demo tables. Really gorgeous stuff that only makes sense coming from the people at HWFC. The new bulk section is the biggest in the country (that they know of), as well as kombucha section and many others. The list goes on and on with the new stuff and I can’t possibly list it all.

I can’t express how happy I am for this new store to finally open. This has been the plan for years and it’s incredible to see this finally happen. Even though they were still setting things up, there’s already so many new items that I wanted to purchase as I was walking through the store. Fantastic job to everyone involved.

Hit the photo above to see the gallery!

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