id29’s new reel

id29, which is the Troy, NY based-firm behind many loved braaaaaaands locally (such as the Albany Distilling Co., Browns Brewery, Union College and some no-so-locals such Puma, Firefly Bikes, Stans NoTubes and, uh, Harry Potter) has just posted up their newest reel. In here, there’s my cylocross teammates, about a trillion bouncy balls, a lot of feathers and a good introduction into what id29 is responsible for.

id29 tends to fly under-the-radar of most people in the area because design agencies aren’t really things most people are aware of, let alone a national one like id29. However, as you can see from newcomers Albany Distilling Co., it’s usually best to just do what you do well, and leave the rest to the professionals. (Which is why I’ll just keep taking photos and writing letting John and Matt get me drunk.)

Also, take a peek inside their studio via Felt & Wire, or come out to their next design/bar crawl.

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