Rumored Upstate New York chip factory likely to involve Apple

Neil Huges, for Apple Insider:

“We’re shopping a lot of different companies at any given time,” Cuomo said. “Apple has a lot of competition, obviously, for their location. I don’t think they’re anywhere yet in the decision-making.”

The secret Apple customer eyeing upstate New York has reportedly been scouting sites such as the Luther Forest Technology Campus in the city of Malta, as well as Marcy NanoCenter in Oneida County.

This isn’t a huge surprise, as all of Apple’s iPhone/iPad chips are already made stateside, in Austin, Texas by Samsung. But with mounting anti-Samsung sentiment from Apple (and vice-versa), it makes sense for them to have their chips manufactured through a different supplier. With the emergence of Tech Valley in our area, putting another chip fab in our area seems to only make sense.

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