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Triptych 0811 at EMPAC

Today I got to sit in on a run through of Ella Fiskum Danz’s Triptych 0811. The performance is Tuesday at 7:30pm at EMPAC and I highly recommend you go. It’s also free.

From the copy:

The Norwegian dance company journeys into the inner life of fantastic aspirations flanked by the obstacles of real life. Using classical ballet vocabulary in stark contrast to aspects of contemporary life, Fiskum culls together a theatrical dreamscape: a woman in a burqa, a ballerina turned nightclub dancer, a Hollywood starlet played by a man, and a prima ballerina. With a live performance by Norwegian rock guitar legend Ronni Le Tekrø and innovative stage design by Serge von Arx, the audience is invited to view multiple realities through the lives of the characters on stage.

During the performance, I made myself leave as to not spoil it for the real thing. The whole thing is really surreal and the performers are incredible. Not to mention that EMPAC is probably the nicest and best sounding venue on the east coast for this sort of thing. EMPAC was gracious enough to let me grab a few photos so click the photo above or hit the jump for the full gallery!

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