Tony’s Birthday Bash at Fuzz Records: Recap & Photos


Everyone has a different idea of the ideal way to celebrate their birthday. For some, it’s consuming copious amounts of alcohol at Matt Baumgartner’s bars until you win that free t-shirt proclaiming victory. For others, it could be a huge party pulling out all the stops, excessively lasting for several days or an annual milestone gone by barely acknowledged. For Tony Bucci, of Caleb Lionheart, it was ordering a caprese salad at lunch and playing music alongside friends, for friends.

Sunday night, Fuzz Records on Lark played host to Terry Connell (of Ship Me Overseas), Michael Tash (of Orphan Legs), Nick Warchol (of Aficionado, for his first acoustic performance ever), a guest appearance from Caroline Corrigan and the birthday boy himself.

The shop itself is an inviting and friendly atmosphere for live music, and last night, was adorned with festive balloons and a birthday banner, with homemade cake and cupcakes for the not-shy and willing. All performances were great and heartfelt, and it was fun to see the musicians jump in for a certain song or two during another’s individual set. A perfect way to celebrate.

Click the photo above or hit the jump to see Andrew’s full photo gallery.

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