St. Joeseph’s on the brink of sale (Update: It’s a brewery)

Update: The potential buyers are New Jersey based Ravens Head Brewing, and they want to turn it into a brewery/restaurant/event space. AOA lays out the plan and details. The meeting is tonight at 5:30 at the Ten Broeck Mansion.

In passing, the Times Union dropped this little guy in an article discussing the new fascination with rehabing churches after the whole St. Patricks vs. Price Chopper thing.

St. Joseph’s is on the verge of being sold to a firm that would use the building. A meeting is set for Tuesday, June 5, with the neighborhood to discuss the proposal.

It’s been over ten years since the city of Albany took St. Josephs from Elda Abate (who, surprise, owns Elda’s on Lark) and the community rejected plans for her noon to 4am operating time for a banquet facility. The Historic Albany Foundation is close to raising $300,000 to receive a matched grant from the state for further restorations of the structure.

The panel begins at 5:30pm and is scheduled at the Ten Broeck mansion. If you know of anything regarding the buyer leave it in a comment or you can anonymously submit with the contact form (and a fake email) above.

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