onedotzero Double Feature: Code Warriors + Future Cities (+Ticket Giveaway)

Tomorrow night at EMPAC there’s a awesome double feature of film screenings taking place. The films look toward the future, with intricate renderings of the next generation of urban cityscapes; as well as into the past at works made with the open-source programming language, Processing. If you’re not the contest type, tickets are $6 for each screening and can be purchased right on the EMPAC website.

From EMPAC’s copy:

code warriors: a decade of processing
Celebrating 10 years of the open source programming language, Processing, which encompasses a development environment and an online community promoting software literacy within visual arts. Today, there are tens of thousands of students, artists, designers, researchers, and hobbyists who use Processing for learning, prototyping, and production.

future cities
An eclectic selection of short films, animations, and motion graphics presenting evocative visions of future cities and urban destinies. Juxtaposing utopian fantasies with nightmarish dystopias, Future Cities highlights the possible metropolis of tomorrow with sci-fi architectural visions, near future worlds, and the warped frontier of space.

Also, Evelyn’s Café will open at 6 PM and will be serving meals, snacks, and beverages as well as a selection of wines. To read more, check out the official event listing.

Hit the jump to check out both trailers and enter to win!

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