Music Coalition helping Albany get it together

Recently, some friends and musically-inclined, like-minded people decided to join forces to create the Albany Music Coalition. The goal in mind is to provide an interactive forum for local musicians to share ideas and coordinate efforts, in providing the community with information regarding our diverse, local music scene.

The Coalition aims to serve as an informative resource for the Capital Region, as well as host and publicize performances, creative gatherings and educational programs.

The coalition has several founding members, some in bands (like Sgt. Dunbar and the Hobo Banned, Slender Shoulders and B3nson Records) and others advocates and enthusiasts for our local music happenings. Some thoughts for the formation of the Coalition include how some events coincide on the same nights and ideas of music festivals or shows simmer out due to a lack of community, and the Coalition aims to maximize effort and organization between common goals and projects from the very start.

It is also formed as a way to connect area musicians, record labels, venues and media. Fans and interested parties will be able to subscribe to a mailing list to receive a monthly calendar of events throughout the Capital Region and also will highlight the Coalition’s own concerts and community events, including seminars and discussions on topics such as the creative process and marketing.

The unification of putting a diverse range of resources into one source is something that I think our community really could use. Facebook event invites only go so far and having a Coalition of people working together to help promote and water our music scene is rather uplifting. The Coalition will act as a volunteer operated organization, offering free membership until 2013, where then the plan is to implement a low-cost membership fee to help support and expand activities and services. Things will be kicking off in April with its first concert to help raise funds to achieve non-profit status and officially launch the organization.

For more information, see their website.

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