KC’s Music Monday: Last Day of April Edition

Not sure if the last day of April has any significance to it (or if there’s some kind of made-up Internet holiday for it) but either way, it’s a Music Monday occasion. Enjoy.

First up is a new mix from OUTPOST1 and on the sly resident knomad for Sampled Radio split alongside Brian A. It’s available as a free download so you can bump it at your leisure to get pumped on May’s monthlies where you can catch knomad doing his thing live. Alongside WCDB, we’re co-hosting Jillionaire and Dre Skull alongside our residents and now that it’s almost May, the countdown has begun. Full track-listing for both Brian A and knomad available here.

Check out what else I’m listening to today beneath the cut. Also – I have a handful of local music to rinse through the next couple weeks and if you’d like your music to be added to my ever-growing queue feel free to e-mail me.

Today marks the release date for Atlanta-based producer Distal‘s Civilization on Tectonic. Sure to be a seamless addition to many-a-friends DJ sets now that it’s officially out and you can cop the full 13-track album over on Juno here. Definitely a round of applause overdue for Distal; there’s no question he put a LOT of time and love into this wide-ranging (and rather ambitious) collection of sounds. Bonus: Q+A from the KAB archive back in 2k11.

I’m listening to this as I type this out:

New Fader mix from BODY HIGH. Track list is comprised of music from members of the BODY HIGH clan including past OUTPOST1 guests Myrryrs and DJ Sliink. Yes!

And lastly, this isn’t going live until tomorrow but it’s definitely something worthy to add to your weekly blogroll routine: the extensive record collection of the late Radio 1 DJ John Peel will be archived digitally 100 records at a time at TheSpace.org. His collection is incomprehensible to me at 25,000 vinyl LPs and 40,000 vinyl singles spanning many, many genres. The idea of the funded project is to update each week through to October, including personal notes, video interviews and the like, to create a “digital, interactive museum” type experience. Holy vinyl.

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