Jillian’s of Albany to close August 11th

From Steve Barnes:

“I just can’t keep supporting it anymore, Ralph Spillenger, owner of Jillian’s and the nearby Bayou Café, tells me. (He also owns the original Bayou, on Route 50 in Glenville.)

“I’ve lost all my customers at Jillian’s, Spillenger says. “People are afraid to come to downtown Albany.

Really sad. This place, despite it’s reputation was the only bar on Pearl Street that wasn’t a testosterone Tapout fest every night. You could see great local acts such as Maryleigh and The Fauves, or other great indie outfits. They’ve put on a ton of quality sold out shows over the years and it sucks to see it go. The staff was always pleasant as well. Too bad they couldn’t shake the reputation that they’ve got from all the people who have never actually gone there.

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