Japanther, Dezmatic & Grizzly Grimace, Dead Friend: Photo Gallery & Recap

Last night at Valentine’s was really awesome. Dead Friend played a great mix of electronic ambient sounds with all sorts of sequencers and drum machines. It was really interesting stuff and it was crazy to see how many layers of sound two people could make. After them, Get Vicious, who is Dezmatic, Grimace, and Tall Ass Matt as the DJ. These two frontmen were loud, charismatic and talented. There’s a lot of talent in the Albany rap scene, no question.

Closing out the night was of course Japanther. They sang through pay-phone handsets converted into microphones and got the whole crowd dancing. They were playing on top of backing tracks, being played through a stereo receiver, which is weird but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by anything two former art school kids do.

It was really awesome to see two totally different scenes coming together for this weird line-up of a show but it worked really awesomely. I hope stuff like this continues to happen!

Hit the jump for the full gallery.

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