Caleb Lionheart + After The Fall Split 7″ Release Show: Recap and Photos


Last night was the release show for the Caleb Lionheart/After The Fall split 7″. There were a lot of familiar faces in attendance as well as a good turn out, which was exactly what I had expected. I unfortunately missed the opening bands but made it to Valentine’s in time to catch the last four Caleb Lionheart songs. It’s amazing to see locals and out of towners alike singing to two of my long time favorite Albany bands. Caleb and ATF both always do an amazing, high-energy job every time they play live. You owe it to yourself to catch them both as soon as you can.

The split itself is a long time coming and both bands contributions to it are awesome. You can stream Caleb Lionheart’s side as well as After The Fall’s on their bandcamps. Also you can buy the split on the Better Days Records website.

Hit the jump or click the photo above to launch the gallery.

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