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This funny new website popped up in the Twitter world last night that once and for all proved that we are doomed as a human race and I, and everyone I know, are internet nerds.

That can be my next tweet” – a website that creates new tweets based on keywords used in a user’s existing tweets.

We did some hard-hitting investigative journalism via putting in some local Twitter usernames to see what comes up as future tweets, here are the results:


  • Rising oil prices starting to cancel Fountain Day Vandalism at Tulip Fest this year.
  • Happening Now: Albany robbery Crash on the sold-out crowd at trial of Fountain Day: Cops: Albany man safe!
  • Troy cop suspended after spending night at trial of Pancakes. Ex-Schenectady police chase Volunteers?


  • No, we do them. Our evil plot has a New World and sidewalk is fair game.
  • Thanks for the man! Yeah, he should have free wi-fi.
  • Thanks! Sorry you mind if there’s a mustache Right?!? People have to meet you! Thanks! Thanks!


  • The Albany Huh. I’ve never seen color-coded bread-bad clips Poor poor pitiful me.
  • Cinema: Diary of a peculiar idea about what state parks are the Same Place exhibit opens at Valentines!
  • You ARE warning them against alternative weeklies, right? Schools prepare for CDTA’s route no. 55.


  • We’re having a bunch of DJs is embarrassing!
  • No I smell like valentines. But the record library. tune in! today we could be broadcasted then we are?
  • The audience will do.


  • Sunday’s Arrest Report: Chief Krokoff’s Letter to be honored during Black History Month Ceremony!

Try it out with your own Twitter username (must not be set to private) or some of your other favorites at That Can Be My Next Tweet. Some suggestions: @CharlieSheen, @KanyeWest, @BreakingNews.

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