Wale – More About Nothing. The future of hip hop.

Wale - More About Nothing
Grade: A-

When I first saw the cover of this album I was sucked in. I’d always heard of Wale, but never given him the time of the day. It’s hard to find someone who isn’t a Seinfeld fan, so naturally I had to check this out. Since when do you associate Seinfeld with fresh beats/underground rap? Well at least I never have. After hearing the first song entitled The Problem, I thought this tape was going to suck. I prejudged the shit out of this album. Once The MC and The Soup kick in I was fully ready to keep going head first. DJ Omega mixed this and killed it. All the Seinfeld clips brought me back to remembering better times. He chose all the go to lines that myself and everyone else wanted to hear. Other honorable mentions include The War and The Breakup Song. There are a few songs I skip over, but that is almost expected with any 21 song disk. One of my definite skips is The Guilty Pleasure (No Hands). Wale’s verse kills it in that song, but the beat and chorus could drive someone to tears. Stick to the underground sound that got you to where you are. Ending on the song called The Flight was a stellar idea however keeping me really into this album.

Overall, I am so excited to see where Wale will go. He still has a lot to prove, but has hit the ground running. He WILL succeed because he is open to all new ideas. Not the standard gangster rap. Discover new music. Get with it.

thissongissick.com deemed this album one of the hottest of 2010.

Tracklist and download:

Wale More About Nothing Mixtape (Mediafire)

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