Quality events for this weekend vol 4

Although the sun is out right now, we’ve learned for this last week that the sun is being a little brat and will retreat to dump more rain on us. Get out of the house and do anything to take your mind off of this crap.


Ballroom, Vogue, Dubstep, UK Funky, House, Bmore Club, Ghettotech, Juke, Footwork.

We’ve got local Albany icon Dwell going in with hiphop and big bass lines. Then Deep Children’s Mycon who will be rinsing his taste of bmore, house, funky and the like, with Looney rinsing through the heavy bass. DJ MikeQ from New Jersey will then be keeping everyone moving with Albany’s first foray into ballroom! Party with Tina will be in the mix as well, giving you more weighty tunes to rave to. $5 on the door for 21+. 10pm, Fuze Box.


Roller Derby A double-header with the Albany All Starts at the Washington Avenue Armory. Doors at 5, starts at 6. $12.

The Good Life A rooftop party at Pagliacci’s with Jay Balance, White Lotus, Scooby, Lazer/Blazer, Heady Pro, Party with Tina, etc. $10 early (bbq!), $5 late (no food) [fbook]

Darlings, The Red Lions, Secret Release WCDB’s basement show at 545 Washington. $5, music at 8. BYO. [fbook]

The Cast Before The Break at Valentines. 7pm, $10. [fbook]


Paul Shaw is giving a talk about his new book Helvetica and the New York Subway System at The Albany Institute of History and Art. 2pm free. [link]

Matinée Pizza Party Caleb Lionheart, Static Radio, Banquets, Paul Blest at Klub Monika. $3 show, $1 slices [fbook]

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