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OTS x OP1: Interview with MYRRYRS

Greetings party people! It’s nearing that time again and this edition of on the sly and OUTPOST1 are bringing the common denominator of a producer hailing by way of Tennessee, MYRRYRS. MYRRYRS will be playing TONIGHT at (le) poisson rouge alongside Tony Goods, Kuhn and resident knomad – and FRIDAY at the Fuze Box alongside residents Looney, Party With Tina and knomad. As per usual, Friday between 6-10pm, we’ll be on air 6-10pm at WCDB 90.9fm for OUTPOST1 takeover. Woot!

photo courtesy of myrryrs

MYRRYRS, of Body High, B.YRSLF and Discobelle, is an American producer raised on house, techno, and drum and bass. He has set each genre and the barriers they create, aside. Rather than drawing influence from the producers of his musical upbringing, MYRRYRS peers deep within the happenings of the late 90’s rave scene, 80’s B films, sci-fi fantasy, and cult imagery. Get a taste here.

knomad & myself on the interview duties below the jump!

In the game since: the first myrryrs tracks on idiot house were made 2 years ago, a year before the release & well before i had any name attached to them. i guess you can say i started there.

Despite Nashville being one of the three largest cities for American music, it isn’t typically known for the dance and electronic end of things. Shed some light on the local scene there. Are there many other artists and club nights tackling this sound? Is that where you are originally from? i’m the last person to ask. i rarely go to club nights here & i’m not active in our local scene. we have our long running nights that continue to be successful, but there’s not a lot of room for variety outside of the current dubstep trend & maybe disco. other nashville artist? check out my homies, jensen sportag.

i spent my formative years in central Florida & moved to Nashville about 10 years ago. at this point, i do consider it my hometown. it has a lot to love.

Up to date, your releases seem to be represented by a wide range of labels and DJs. Has it been a conscious effort to shop your records to varied outlets? Do you think this is a product of your sound or of where American electronic music is headed? It was never a conscious decision, just kind of happened. the first record was a collection of tracks i had made casually when i first started taking ableton seriously. they ended up in Ant’s hands thru a fellow producer/dj and he contacted me just after to put them out on Idiot House. Feel U was already done & just sitting on my HD, so i sent it to 2 labels. Discobelle hit me back to sign them the same day. after that, boas on Byrslf & the forthcoming record on Body High came about because i’m friends with all those guys and they approached me to do something for them.

I don’t think anyone can be sure where American electronic music is heading, but its good to see US labels & artist getting notoriety.

If you had to pinpoint some influences on your sound, what would they be? the southern rap influence is pretty obvious. synth history, twin peaks, coffee & donuts.

Do you feel like one producer or DJ now is particularly killing it? Sinjin Hawke’s ‘the lights’ is an recent favorite & i love almost everything Obey City has been sending me. the new Juicy J mixtape is getting the most rotations right now.

What was your first gig like? How did it compare to your most recent?
First gig i was barely old enough to get in the club i think, i played all vinyl to an empty room. pretty sure i wrecked at least a dozen times. most recent was at Avalon in LA. the time slot was a bit early, but it was cool.

If you could pick one type of venue or particular spot to play where would it be? honestly, don’t care.

What do you do when you’re not DJing or working on a track? currently re: twin peaks

How do you combat boredom when traveling? hard in the nap. don’t care if the trip is 20 minutes, you’ll catch me sleeping.

Do you have a News Year’s resolution? If so, care to share?
no, although i had one once. about 5 years ago my resolution was to break up with a girl i had been going on & on with for too long. luckily she made an ass out of herself on nye & the decision was easy to follow thru with.

What can we look forward to this Friday in Albany? some exxclusives & some dumb shit. a lot of dumb shit.

What’s your favorite kind of taco? al pastor, always & forever

on the sly kicks off tonight at (le) poisson rouge and is free. outpost1 is tomorrow at the fuze box, free before 11 for 21+, $5 after or $10 for 18+

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