Scotty’s Music Monday: MOSCA

Mosca tracks have been my favorite for the past two years. It’s club music where the galaxy is the dancefloor and lightspeed flying saucers are the ravers. Each of his releases are sophisticated bangers that need not rely on any of the usual cheap tricks for hooking your ear & making you move. Mosca invents new, synthesized emotions that alchemize the abyss with the triumphant! His uncanny percussion loops and mammoth basslines are his particle accelerators, and these revolutionary new feelings are sure to be proven stable in modern music to come. You can’t say that about Einsteinium. I hope that Mosca will create his own breakaway music industry, and take me with him.

Square One was the first release on the inimitable Night Slugs label. You also need to check out ‘Nike’ if you vibe to this. It was the B side. The Roska remix also bangs.

Tilt Shift came out in December, but I was eagerly awaiting it all summer. It’s kinda mental, and the video is perfect.

Mosca’s mixtapes are held to equally high standards of taste and self-awareness. They usually combine UK Bass, classic techno and house, the latest bashment rhythms, and even some Bmore club if I’m lucky. Here’s an old mix from BBC Radio 1. Man I really miss Mary Ann Hobbs’ phone-sex voice. Can’t find a tracklist so get searching DJ’s!
Mosca Mix on BBC Radio 1 by DeejayMosca

Most recently, Mosca’s Gucci Mane remix got posted on XLR8R for the new Sinden mixtape. Check it out and next time you hear me playing these tunes in the club I hope you will lose your mind with me.

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