KAB: “Drafting” and “exploiting” the mainstream “brand” waves for “traffic”

A “head blogger man” at the Times Union, sent us a very nice, reasonable and understanding email, letting us know that kristigustafson.com redirects right here!

Whoever did this, you are a rEbEL!
(I’ll give you some stickers to change it, I’m not trying to ride the hate waves or get down with the unchill vibeZ)

KAB who? #teamkristi 4e.

Is my bank account going to get hacked by the TU internet detective team (or are they too busy moderating comments)?
Does this win “best domain drama” of 2011?
Do you care more than I do?
Do I stand a chance as #bestlocaltweeter in 2012?
What’s your favorite #cupcake?

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