Recap: After The Fall Record Release Show

Mike Moak of After The Fall. Photo: Andrew Franciosa

Saturday was After The Fall’s record release show at Valentines, in Albany. There were a lot of great bands on the show, such as Make Do and Mend, The Stereo State, Legit, Coughing Fit and I believe two more that I can’t recall. After The Fall played a ton of new and old songs which was awesome to be able to hear your favorites as well as a healthy dose of the new record. The new record is really great; you can stream it on their Punknews page if you haven’t already.

KC Carvill of After The Fall. Photo: Andrew Franciosa

Marty of Legit. Photo: Andrew Franciosa

Legit played before Coughing Fit and I was really surprised how rad they were. For some reason I hadn’t heard ’em before.

Sean of Coughing Fit. Photo: Andrew Franciosa

My good friends Coughing Fit played and as usual things got rowdy. It was only my second time getting to see them and it was better than I remember. If you’ve never seen them live, head to their MySpace and check out the video on their page to see what to expect when they play.

Steve “The Model” Golding of Coughing Fit. Photo: Andrew Franciosa

Rad hand drawn Swampy sticker in the troth! Photo: Andrew Franciosa

I had a super fun time and wish I could have stayed and partied it up a bit after the show, but I had to race bikes 5 hours after this show ended. Good job for putting on a great show guys and best of luck on tour!

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